Dark web

Episode 64: July 17 2023

Today’s episode we talk about the recently uncovered 2-year-old botnet called AVrecon, Then talk about how criminals are making their own AI called WormGPT, How a recently busted cyber fraud market website announced a new owner is coming and finally…

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Episode 57: May 22 2023

We talk about how Cybersecurity firm Dragos discloses a security incident and extortion attempt, and what you can learn from it, DarkBERT darkweb search bot, New fingerprint vulnerability BrutePrint; and my new fear Voice Cloning-as-a-Service

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Episode 18: May 16 2022

US college forced to close after cyberattack, Conti Ransomware Attack Spurs State of Emergency in Costa Rica, $7 to rent DCRat to backdoor your network, ‘Nerbian’ Trojan Uses Advanced Anti-Detection Tricks

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