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CyberSecurity News Byte is a weekly podcast, condensing the latest cybersecurity news, in an easily digestible format. News that you need to know to keep yourself and your organization safe from today’s threats.

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Latest Episodes

Episode 80: May 13 2024

This week we talk about [00:36] how Citrix is warning its customers to be aware of this integrated third party tool, then [07:55] we finally learn the identity of...

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Episode 79: February 02 2024

This week we talk about [00:36] how a major player in the website protection game, get's hacked, [09:13] A Russian hacker group is using vulnerabilites from December to gain...

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Episode 78: January 29 2023

This week we talk about [00:36]    an Outlook vulnebility that leaks a hashed password to places it shouldn't, then [06:32] The US government doesn't need warrants for your...

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Episode 77: January 22 2023

On my return for 2024, we talk about [00:36] how a Russia backed group hacked Microsoft's top leaders email account, [09:25] VMWare sounds the alarm about their latest critical...

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Episode 76: November 27 2023

This week we talk about [00:36] ownCloud let's it users know it's found 3 critical vulnerabilites in some of it's software, [06:57] A school app based in India was...

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Episode 75: November 20 2023

This week we talk about [00:36] We talk about how some security researchers were able to extract a RSA key from signing errors, [07:27] How a now defunt shadowy...

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