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CyberSecurity News Byte is a weekly podcast, condensing the latest cybersecurity news, in an easily digestible format. News that you need to know to keep yourself and your organization safe from today’s threats.

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Latest Episodes

Episode 59: June 05 2023

I talk this week about a malware used for intelligence gathering that may have a state sponsor, New ransomeware that copies a ton of stuff from an establised group,...

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Episode 58: May 28 2023

In this week's episode where we talk about how summertime vacations can cause hackers to get some major wins, how the size of your organization, does nothing to protect...

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Episode 57: May 22 2023

Cybersecurity firm Dragos discloses security incident and extortion attempt, DarkBERT, BrutePrint; vulnerability to Brute Force Fingerprint Locks, Voice Cloning-as-a-Service

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Episode 56: May 15 2023

Car location data of 2 million customers exposed for ten years, Millions of mobile phones come pre-infected with malware, Phishing Campaign Distributes SmokeLoader via Fake Invoice, Crooks are Using...

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Episode 55: April 30 2023

New Tactics for Extorting Payments, RTM Group Launches its Linux Ransomware, Hackers are breaking into AT&T email accounts to steal cryptocurrency, New macOS Info-stealer called Atomic

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Episode 54: April 24 2023

Phishing Scams Targeting Microsoft Teams, LockBit Ransomware Group looking at Apple, employee sent confidential data of 256,000 consumers to personal email, ChatGPT-Themed Scam Attacks Are on the Rise

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