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Welcome to CyberSecurity News Byte with Jim Guckin, your one-stop resource for the latest cybersecurity news, updates, and discussions. Our podcast is a vital tool for CyberSecurity and IT professionals, as well as technology leaders, who need to stay on top of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Episode 80: May 13 2024

This week we talk about [00:36] how Citrix is warning its customers to be aware of this integrated third party tool, then [07:55] we finally learn the identity of the main member of LockBit, Then we talk about [14:04] Dell had one of their sites scraped and all it cost them was 49 million customers records and we round up this weeks discussion on [23:09] a wordpress plugin that is being actively exploited by hackers and how even if you don’t use this plugin, you can protect yourself.

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