Episode 66: July 31 2023

We talk about a new exploit that abuses a computer search component that hopes to trick your users into clicking malware, Then a new malware with an older tactic, using ads for popular technology software to get you to download and install it, Then we talk about a new report that explains why the education sector is a high value hacker target and we round off the week talking about how a hacker forum, known to selling breach data, is having its data sold after a breach.

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Episode 33: November 07 2022

Hack of IT firm may include health records, FBI: Hacktivist DDoS attacks had minor impact on critical orgs, AstraZeneca password lapse exposed patient data, Hijacker replaces crypto addresses with lookalikes

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Episode 27: September 05 2022

Magecart’s New JavaScript Skimmer Targets Magento Websites, Hackers adopt Sliver toolkit as a Cobalt Strike alternative, Google Chrome emergency update fixes new zero-day used in attacks, Was TikTok Breached?

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