Episode 67: August 07 2023

We discuss a mistake that Burger King France had made that exposed database configuration information. We tell you why you need to be aware of LOLBAS (formerly LOLBins) and the danger to your network from your own devices. We talk about why properly disposing of your equipment is vital and even more vital with IoT devices, and wrap it up with the brawl between Tenable and Microsoft over a vulnerability and why you need to pay attention.

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Episode 62: June 26 2023

This weeks show, we talk about a security researches discovery about Swing VPN, then the US Military is warning it’s staff beware of unexpected smart watches, followed by the latest Mirai botnet campaign targeting IoT devices and finish the episode…

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Episode 17: May 09 2022

Researchers Develop Exploit for the Latest F5 BIG-IP Vulnerability, USB-based Wormable Malware Targets Windows Installer, Attackers Use Event Logs to Hide Fileless Malware, Unpatched DNS Bug Puts Millions of Routers, IoT Devices at Risk

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