Episode 61: June 20 2023

On this week’s show, we talk about the new threat group that is targetting SSH servers, Barracuda announces get rid of impacted appliances after a Zero-Day attack on their equipment, GravityRAT pretends to be messaging application to go after your…

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Episode 22: June 13 2022

HelloXD Ransomware Installing Backdoor on Targeted Windows and Linux Systems, Iranian Hackers Spotted Using a new DNS Hijacking Malware in Recent Attacks, Chinese Hackers Distribute Backdoored Wallets for iOS and Android Users, New Botnets Target…

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Episode 05: January 30 2022

Segway Hit by Magecart Attack, Work at Home sees a Surge in Insider Threats, Newly Discovered Critical Linux Vulnerability, New Standard Aims To Protect Against Deepfakes, Hackers use Windows Update to deploy malware   Bullet points of key topics…

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