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Episode 44: February 06 2023


LG Uplus’ data breach impacted 290,000 users

  • LG Uplus Corp
    • Friday updated impacted users to 290,000
      • 110,000 reported on Jan 10
  • Leaked Data
    • Names
    • birth dates
    • phone numbers
    • does not include financial information
  • Working with:
    • Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency
    • Personal Information Protection Commission
    • Korea Internet & Security Agency

Mortgage Financial Technologies Company Exposed Hundreds of Thousands of Records Online

  • Jeremiah Fowler together and Website Planet research team
    • Found open and non-password protected database
      • Contained 717,814 records
        • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of thousands of Canadian citizens
    • data contained “mortgage leads”
      • home mortgage loan
        • Names
        • phone numbers
          • Work
          • Home
          • Cell
        • email addresses
        • physical addresses
      • Employee Data
    • Individuals
      • who want to buy a house
      • Refinance
      • obtain an equity line of credit
      • purchase an investment property.
  • 8Twelve Financial Technologies Inc
    • “8Twelve streamlines the home financing process by providing its partners a one-stop financing solution for all their mortgage needs. 8Twelve’s proprietary technology platform INFIN8 identifies the best possible mortgage from Canada’s largest marketplace of bank, alternative, and private mortgage products”.
    • Canadian Based
    • Team sent responsible disclosure notification
    • restricted public access within hours of our discovery.

India’s Largest Truck Brokerage Company Leaking 140GB of Data

  • FR8
    • Anurag Sen working with Italian cyber security firm FlashStart
      • discovered the server on Shodan
    • exposed more than 140 gigabytes of data, which is available to the public without any password or security authentication
    • Researchers contacted them
      • Public email bouncing back
  • Data
    • sensitive information
      • customer records
      • Invoices
      • payment details
        • Users across India.
    • other personal information
      • Names
      • Addresses
      • contact numbers
        • both customers and employees.

CyberSec Professionals’ Inability to prevent bad things from happening

  • Study – Exabeam
    • 83% of organizations experienced more than one data breach in 2022
    • 97% of respondents feel confident that they are well-equipped with the tools and processes needed to prevent and identify intrusions or breaches
    • 46% of all respondents operate more than one cloud or on-premises SIEM platform
      • 64% of those who have one platform are very confident they can detect cyberattacks based on adversary behavior alone
      • 59% of those with two or more platforms are very confident.
    • 4% of U.S. security professionals report not using a SIEM platform
      • 81% were confident.
    • 17% of all respondents can see 81–100% of their network
  • Prevention
    • 65% still prioritize prevention over detection, investigation, and response as their most important security goal.
    • Just 33% said detection was the highest priority.
    • 71% spend 21-50% of their security budgets on prevention.
    • 59% invest the same percentage on threat detection, investigation, and response
  • Staff
    • 43% of respondents cited being unable to prevent bad things from happening as the worst part of their job
    • Lacking full visibility due to security product integration issues (41%)
    • An inability to centralise and understand the full scope of an event or incident (39%)
    • Being unable to manage the volume of detection alerts, with too many false positives (29%)
    • Not feeling confident that they’ve resolved all problems on the network (29%)
  • Credential Compromise
    • 90% of security professionals are battling compromised credential cases
    • Just 11% can scope the overall impact of detected malicious behaviours in less than one hour.
    • 52% report they can analyse it in one to four hours.
    • 34% take five to 24 hours to identify high-priority anomalies.