data breach

Episode 44: February 06 2023

LG UPlus’ dat breach impacts 290,000 users, Mortgage Financial Technologies Company Exposes Hundreds of Thousands of Records Online, India’s largest truck brokerage company leaks 140GB of Data, Security Teams feel an inability to prevents bad things from happening

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Episode 38: December 12 2022

Sequoia Discloses a Data Breach, Health Dept warns of Royal Ransomware, Hackers earn $989,750 for 63 zero-days exploited at Pwn2Own Toronto, Cisco discloses high-severity IP phone zero-day

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Episode 36: November 28 2022

Tis the Season for Cyber Security, 487 Million WhatsApp Users Numbers for Sale, Hospitality company confirms Data Breach, SocGholish finds success through novel email techniques

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